News roundup from Renaissance’s independent insurance agents

We’re pleased to see that in addition to our Renaissance Alliance group blog, several of our member independent insurance agents are maintaining their own blogs. Here’s a roundup of some recent posts we’ve found helpful:
Geoff Gordon’s Blog from Gordon Insurance features recent posts on huge security threat that digital copiers pose, including a very scary video that business owners should see. Another recent post deals with Chinese drywall and the implications on your homeowner insurance.
The Wolpert Blog from Wolpert Insurance features a recent post on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s new safety program: Bikes and cars: same roads same rules. The blog also features a post with an amusing video about a dog eating a cop car – you have to see it to believe it. Car-eating dogs is not a common peril for car owners – but that’s the thing about insurance – it covers you for the unexpected.
Encharter’s MA Insurance Blog offers some very helpful tips about safety in two areas of your household: pool safety and dryer safety.
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