“Know Your Coverage” iPhone Insurance App

The Insurance Information Institute has released a “Know Your Coverage” iPhone App. Below, find a screen shot and the app’s description from the download site.

“Do you have the right insurance coverage if your home and belongings are damaged or destroyed by a fire, flood, earthquake, or other catastrophe? Getting the peace of mind that comes with insurance isn’t rocket science; it’s about knowing your stuff, knowing the risks involved and understanding your priorities. The Know Your Coverage app features interactive quizzes that guide you through key questions to discuss with your Insurance Professional. Together, you can work out a coverage plan for your needs and budget. But it’s not just about stuff… with the right amount and type of insurance, you can focus on what really matters–your work, family, friends and hobbies–without having to worry about the “what-ifs” in life.”

This is one in a series of “Know Your X” apps … find other apps from the Insurance Information Institute – get a home inventory app called “Know Your Stuff” and a disaster planning app called “Know Your Plan.”

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