Delectable holiday dangers: deep-fried turkeys

Tasty regional dishes have a way of migrating throughout the nation and that’s been the story of deep-fried turkeys. What used to be largely a southern dish, much-beloved in Louisiana, has become a popular new way for adventurous chefs to prepare turkey – and no wonder, it’s totally delicious.
But this Thanksgiving, L.A. firefighters have a question for the would-be turkey fryers: Your turkey or your life? They’ve produced some dramatic footage of exactly what can go wrong to highlight these dangers.

You can see that it is a dangerous endeavor. Dangerous enough that Underwriters Laboratories has decided not to certify any turkey fryers with their trusted UL Mark. If you decide to fry that bird regardless, please read the linked article to get some safety tips from the fire experts of the LAPD

Thanksgiving fires are common
You don’t have to be frying a turkey to run into trouble on Thanksgiving – cooking fires nearly double on the holiday, occurring more than twice as often as any other day. According to the United States Fire Administration, Thanksgiving sees an average of 4,300 residential fires resulting in 15 deaths, 50 injuries and over $27 million in property damage each year. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home this year – to prepare for a safe holiday, take a minute to review some best practices for cooking safely issued by the U.S. Fire Administration.