Ice and cars don’t mix

Many New Englanders are waking up to icy driving conditions today. In light of this, we bring you this noteworthy video clip shot during a January 2007 ice storm in Portland Oregon. One resident awoke to a racket outside his window and captured footage of an unplanned ice-top demolition derby involving at least 15 separate accidents in a span of a just a few minutes.

With experience, an abundance of caution, and good tires, snowy conditions can generally be navigated – but ice is another matter. It’s generally best to wait until the sanders and plows have treated the roads before venturing out in ice storms.

Safe winter driving actually starts before a storm and before you even get in your vehicle. Check your tires and your tire pressure, keep your antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid and gas tank topped off, and store shovels, scrapers and an emergency kit in the trunk of your car – include a bag of sand or kitty litter to give your car traction if you get stuck. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you and any drivers in your family review safe winter driving tips.

One thought on “Ice and cars don’t mix

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