Why buy auto insurance through local, independent agents?

Plymouth Rock Assurance has a consumer information blog that offers tips on safe driving, saving money, and understanding auto insurance. Recently, they featured posts on the value of independent agents when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! The following are links to their posts, along with a excerpts highlighting a few points that we think are important.
The Value of the Independent Auto Insurance Agents – Part 1

Independent agents are local businesses located in the community where insurance shoppers live and work. Independent insurance agents offer the convenience of one-stop shopping for a full range of insurance products – auto, home, boat, business, life and disability – since they typically represent multiple insurance companies and products.
Independent insurance agents also bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and helpful resources to selecting the correct level of insurance for each customer’s individual needs. They are licensed under rules set by the state(s) in which they do business, and are required to complete continuing education courses to maintain their knowledge of industry trends and regulations.

The Value of the Independent Auto Insurance Agents – Part 2

An independent insurance agent has a broader perspective on the insurance marketplace in a local area. He or she can provide helpful insights about a policy, from discounts that apply to a given situation, to unique service programs that can save time or money, to extra savings by bundling more than one type of insurance (auto and home, for example) with a single company. Independent insurance agents not only help with shopping but also provide valuable advice to help make a more informed decision.
Additionally, most independent insurance agents provide services that online companies don’t, such as complimentary paperwork and fee processing with your state Department of Motor Vehicles. They also provide an annual coverage review and personal assistance in the event of an accident or claim. An independent insurance agent can advocate for the consumer in ways that an insurance company cannot, such as facilitating settlement of a claim or acting on the consumer’s behalf to resolve a problem with a insurer.