Are you losing out on possible discounts on your homeowners and auto insurance?

In these tough times, everyone is looking to save money where they can – yet many insurance buyers are leaving money on the table in the form of discounts that they could be realizing, but perhaps just don’t know about. Renaissance Alliance member Wayne Wiersma of Wiersma Insurance brought to our attention a recent national survey conducted for Trusted Choice and the Big “I.”
The survey revealed that more than 34% of the respondents said they were not taking advantage of homeowners discounts or didn’t know that that such discounts were available and 20% either didn’t know about or said they were not maximizing all the car insurance discounts available to them. That translates to about 53 million U.S. households. Are you one of those households?
Have you checked with your agent about what discounts might be available to you? You can often earn discounts by consolidating policies with one insurer. There are many other potential discounts available – although discounts may vary by insurer or by state. The IIABA offers a Tip Sheet on various insurance discounts that may be available. (Note that this link is to a Microsoft Word Document download.)
Don’t spend more money than you have to in 2010 – call your agent to talk about potential discounts!