What’s so funny about risk?

These two insurance ads from Travelers are ones from the archives, but they both do a good tackling the topic of risk in a whimsical but enlightening way:

And Seinfeld’s George Costanza also tackles the topic of risk management – somewhat less successfully so!

One thought on “What’s so funny about risk?

  1. It’s always funny watching bad stuff happen to unsuspecting victims. But reality bites when it happens to you.
    Nobody likes to talk about risk, but we all manage risk every day without thinking about it… in our driving, in our work, in our recreational pursuits, and lots of other areas.
    The tricky part is getting past what we understand intuitively (Stop at every STOP sign), and quantifying the big risks that can affect our lives or the lives of our families.
    Talk to us, or talk to your won agent who can helpo you quantify your risk so you can get on to things that are more satisfying for you.

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