Garage sale planning tip: Check your insurance coverage

If you’re in spring cleaning mode and emptying out that attic or cellar, you may be thinking of holding a garage sale or a yard sale. If so, you can get some excellent planning pointers from Best Garage Sale Tips, a comprehensive how-to guide that helps you think through all the details, including a task time line to guide you right up to sale day.
One really important item on your checklist should be to review your homeowners, condo or rental insurance policy to be sure you have liability coverage in case someone is injured while on your property. The general rule of thumb is that your homeowners policy would likely be enough coverage if your yard sale is a one-time event, but if you plan to make a business out of yard sales, you’d better talk that over with your agent. It’s a good idea to check in advance of your sale, regardless!
Check out this video on garage sales & insurance from the Insurance Information Institute.

One thought on “Garage sale planning tip: Check your insurance coverage

  1. If your neighborhood frequently has yardsales on major holidays, and you participate as well by selling your used goods…do your self a favor and beef up your policy to ensure you are covered in case there is a mishap of some sort on your property. You will be surprised how many claims are denied when the owner is a known-yard-saler.

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