Study shows Memorial Day is high-risk holiday for injuries to kids

A recent research report shows that kids suffer more injuries on holidays – and that Labor Day and Memorial Day are two of the most dangerous days for kids. Researchers say his is likely because these holidays are often celebrated outdoors and kids are more likely to take part in physical activities.
Researchers collected childhood-related injury information from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, a nationally representative sample of 98 U.S. hospital emergency departments, comparing records for eight major holidays over a 10 year period. The study did not include car-related injuries or minor injuries that did not require emergency room treatment.
According to an analysis of the research report written by Rachel Rettenr of

  • 62% of the holiday injuries happened to boys
  • 29% of the injuries happened to children under 5
  • 41.6% of the holiday injuries were sports or recreation related
  • About 20% of holiday injuries were “home structure” related, including injuries from doors and countertops
  • About 16% of holiday injuries were related to home furnishings, including chairs and tables
  • 29% of he injuries were lacerations

Here are a few tips to help keep your kids safe on Memorial Day: