Homeowners Insurance Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If a tree falls and damages my roof during a storm, am I covered? Do I have enough insurance to rebuild my home if it is destroyed in a fire? Does my policy protect me if my neighbor falls down my front stairs?
Most people don’t have a lot of questions about their insurance coverage until a problem occurs – and then we get questions. As insurance agents, we’ve heard them all – and we don’t mind answering them, that’s what we’re here for. But some consumer questions are very common – we hear them time and time again. For answers to the questions posed above as well as to other common coverage questions, see the FCIC’s online brochure, Am I Covered, which was developed by the Insurance Information Institute. It’s a good primer on homeowners insurance, touching on some of the most frequently asked questions. It also explains what is and isn’t covered in a standard homeowners policy, points out gaps in coverage that might exist, and offers suggestions for what to do to increase coverage.
We’re always happy to answer your questions, but for the folks who like to poke around and do their own web-based research, you can’t do better than the Insurance Information Institute’s consumer resources for Homeowners and Renters Insurance.

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One thought on “Homeowners Insurance Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Most consumers want two things today, a competitive price and insurance that isn’t capricious or unfair when a claim happens. That’s not too much to ask!
    We’ve done the same thing at http://www.agordon.com and added whiteboard videos, all about 3 minuts loing, at https://www.agordon.com/whiteboards
    These cover topics from the basics of homeowners insurance to saving money on auto insurance, insuring teen drivers in the msot cost-effective way, and a few commercial risk vids for the busy business owner.
    We’re all busy, and the whiteboard vids are great because they’re full of info, but brief and to the point.

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