Brrrr! Extreme weather survival tips for your home, your car & you

Here’s a winter survival kit: we’ve compiled expert tips with advice for protecting homes, cars, and people in extreme winter weather:
Ice Dams, Burst Pipes, Broken Tree Limbs: Saving Your House From Winter – good article in The Hartford Courant.
Dealing with Ice Dams and other winter hazards – our blog post from last year.
Winter Fires – safety tips for the home – PDF from FEMA and the US Fire Administration.
Precautions for Extreme Cold Weather – from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.
Winter Hazard Awareness – the Minnesota Department of Public Safety offers tips for safety outdoors, indoors, and in your car.
Extreme Cold: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety – from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including winter checklists and info on indoor and outdoor safety.
Working in the Cold – from the Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Wellness.
Winter driving tips from Car Talk .
Safe Driving and Good Car Maintenance Take Center Stage In Winter – from the Insurance Information Institute.
Icy Road Safety – tips, news, statistics, and links to current road conditions by state.
Driving Tips on Snowy & Icy Roads from How Stuff Works.