Questions you should ask about Homeowners Insurance

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers a wealth of insurance information at Insure U. When shopping for homeowners, here are some questions that NAIC suggests that you ask your agent:
• Are the agent and the insurance company licensed by my state insurance department? For how long? (Your state insurance department can confirm the answers to these questions.)
• How can I find out the claims history of the home before I buy it?
• If I submit a claim, how will it affect my premium when I renew the policy?
• What discounts are available?
• What does the policy cover? What doesn’t it cover? What are the limits to the coverages?
• How much coverage for my personal property do I need?
• Should I buy flood insurance or earthquake coverage?
• How will my credit history affect my premium?
Learn more at A Consumer’s Quick Guide to Home Insurance (PDF)