Shopping this week? Be safe on Black Friday

If you plan to hit the stores or the websites to shop this Thanksgiving weekend, you should give a few minutes to thinking about your safety before you do. People can get wacky over a baragain, particularly in these tough economic times. Plus, thieves love crowds – it’s a perfect time for snatching purses or wallets, or stealing sensitive info that can lead to identity hijacking. Crime prevention experts suggest that You Need A Personal Safety Plan for Black Friday
Here’s a few more things to watch out for and tips to stay safe:
Crowd tramplings, mobs, incidents of rage
Purse and wallet snatchings
Prevent Identify Theft & Fraud – online & off
10 tips to prevent ID theft when shopping online
If you should have a theft or an accident, report it to the police, and be sure to call your insurer or your local independent insurance agent to file a claim.

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