Showing the love, insurance style

The Insurance Information Institute (III) is showing the love this Valentine’s Day, insurance style. They’ve created a themed Pinterest board to celebrate the day. For those of you not up on your social media trends, Pinterest is the popular “virtual pinboard” that lets you clip and share things you find on the web.
III has gathered some fun images and reminders about showing your love, insurance style… such as making sure that any expensive gifts are insured and practicing safe shopping when making online purchases for your sweethearts.
They also posted a series of three quirky video clips – life insurance promoted by fruit flies. Yes, fruit flies – you will have to watch them to see for yourself. This is part of an informational campaign called Insure Your Love, which is sponsored by the Life Foundation, ostensibly to create some buzz (ahem) around life insurance. If you are wondering what life insurance has to do with fruit flies, you can learn more at Fruit Fly Q&A, which features more clips with Frank and Fran, the stars of the fruit fly campaign.

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