Insurance 101: What is “other structures” coverage?

This is a guest post from Renaissance Alliance member agency Encharter Insurance.
Are you in the market for a home insurance policy? While talking with agents you may hear terms that don’t sound familiar to you and wonder why they are a part of your coverage package. While each homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to best suit you and your family’s unique needs, one type of coverage that you may come across is “other structures coverage.” Individuals frequently ask what other structures coverage is and why it is automatically included on their policies. Those “other structures” include items such as pool houses, cabanas, and garages. Typically this coverage will go further and even cover things such as fences, sheds, barns, and in-ground pools. Considering all of the other structures on your property, this aspect of your home insurance may oftentimes be too easily overlooked.
Other structures coverage makes up 10% of your dwellings coverage and you do have the ability to increase it. For more information about your other structures coverage, or if you would like to increase the coverage, talk to your independent insurance agent. Talking with an expert is a great way to make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers and that it is taking care of the needs of you and your family.

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