Putting in a homeowners claim? … Talk your agent first!

Bob Hollis of Hollis Insurance Agency offers this advice to homeowners that have a claim:
By now, most people are aware of how insurance companies are quick on the draw to cancel a homeowners insurance policy after the policyholder files a claim (or a few claims). The better underwriters will be more apt to cancel a policy if they feel the claim could have been prevented with better maintenance or effort to prevent a claim versus a true “act of God.” Others use no distinction at all. So in all cases, I use the analogy that when it comes to filing claims, you only have a few bullets in your gun. Use those bullets in the situations when you really need them. This is made even more important by the fact that once you have been cancelled for incurred claims, no other companies will insure you as well and you will end up in the MA Fair plan, usually with less coverage and at a higher premium.
So if you have a $1,000 deductible and the claim might come to $1,300, think carefully before you file it. Save your bullets for the big one! The best advice? Call your agent to file the claim before contacting the insurance company and we will break it down for you and come up with a course of action that will help you the most.

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