New fuel labels on 2013 cars will help consumers save

This is a guest post by Ross Insurance Agency, one of the insurance agency members of Renaissance Alliance.
The introduction of new cars every spring and summer is an annual rite of passage.Potential buyers eagerly watch for new models, makes, technologies, and innovations – as well as for the new price tag. Increasingly, one of the important features that consumers look for is good fuel economy and “green” technologies that help to minimize the vehicle’s impact on the environment. This year, consumers will have a helpful new tool to help with these concerns when buying a new car.
Beginning with 2013 models, all new vehicles will feature a revamped fuel economy and environmental impact label. The new labels were developed by the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency. They represent a major change designed to give consumers actionable information, more comparison tools, and better benchmarks for potential savings.
The big number in the label’s upper left is combined mileage, while city and highway mileage is included in smaller type. There is also information about the mileage range for all cars of that class so if you are buying a mid-size car,you can see the range of options and how this specific car stacks up. Another useful feature on the upper right of the label is an estimate of the additional money you will save or spend on fuel over a five year period. The label also includes an estimated annual fuel cost,and rates the vehicle for environmental impact. Finally, the label also includes a QR Code which will launch much more detailed information and additional tools if you have downloaded a scanner app on your smartphone.
There are also new labels for hybrids and electric vehicles that offer additional information specific to those vehicles, such as driving ranges. And for skeptics who think that these alternative fuel vehicles are a passing fad, a quick glance at a sample label for the electric vehicles is pretty eye-opening: An annual fuel cost of $600? Wow.
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