9 insurance resolutions to ring in the New Year

We reviewed past posts to select some good advice that will help to start your new year on the right footing.
1. Celebrate the New Year safely
2. Update your beneficiaries
3. Insure those valuables
4. Create a Home Inventory – here are a few home inventory apps
5. Review the year’s life changes that should trigger a call to your insurance agent
6. Quit smoking & save on insurance
7. Factor in any losses to your tax time prep
8. Prepare for emergencies
9. Take 10 minutes to watch 23 and 1/2 hours:

Bonus Tip
The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die

Holiday Care Package from Insurance Pros

First, a message from our sponsors. These smart dogs offer some good seasonal advice:

Now, some additional tips rounded up by the Renaissance Alliance Insurance Agents to help you navigate the season safely:

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Are you ready for snowy, icy roads? Hone your winter driving skills

It’s inevitable – the first substantial storm of the year sees vehicles slipping and sliding all over the road with fender benders galore and a few cars off in snowbanks. By the end of the winter, we New Englanders have some pretty good driving skills, but it’s almost as though we all need to re-learn every year.
Here’s a fun way to brush up on your seasonal skills and maybe even learn something new: visit Michelin’s fun and informative Winter Driving Academy. It includes videos, games, quizzes, and tips on preparing your car for winter; vehicle handling basics, such as turning and braking; tips on driving in ice, slush, snow, and black ice; and information about winter tires.
Whether you need tires or not, there’s a lot of other good information on the site about tire maintenance, tire storage, and driving and safety tips.