News roundup – posts from our Renaissance Alliance members’ blogs

Quite a few of our member agents have blogs on their agency sites – you can click through on the left hand sidebar to see. Collectively, they impart a lot of insurance expertise, useful information, and just plain old handy tips. Today, we’ve included smorgasbord of recent posts that have caught our eye.

Merrimack Valley Insurance Agency Blog: Not clearing your roof in the winter can be dangerous
Penny Hanley & Howley blog: Protecting your Home and Vehicle in Cold Weather
The Chittenden Group: Dryer Fires? More Common Than You Might Expect
Anastasi Insurance blog: Floaters for More Expensive Items
Pope Insurance Blog: Is Your Home Office Safe?
Siver Insurance blog: Let’s Talk Money
Bernard M. Sullivan blog: Simplify Your Life With These Useful Tips
Ross Insurance Blog: Quit Smoking & Save on Insurance
Encharter Blog: I Bought a Puppy … Now What?

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