Celebrate the First International Happiness Day

Sorry we didn’t give you more notice, but it has only just come to our attention that today, March 20, is the International Day of Happiness. Coincidentally, it’s also the first day of Spring, so there’s a good reason to be happy right there. Normally, Spring begins on March 31, but Joe Rao at SPACE.com explains why spring is early this year.
Getting back to happiness, an article in the International Herald Tribune tells us that the small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan started the “happiness day” concept. The residents of Bhutan are so committed to the idea of happiness that they think that prosperity and progress should be measured by gauging its citizens’ happiness levels rather than the typical gauge of measuring the GDP.
They are on to something. Happy people not only enjoy life, they have more of it: Studies link happiness to health and to longevity.
Even if you spent the first half of International Happiness Day in a foul and grumpy mood, there’s still a good part of the day and evening left to shift gears. To get you started, we’ve supplied some mood music below, and we point you to the wonderful site called ZooBorns. Looking at 15 minutes of adorable baby animals should do the trick. In fact, we suggest a routine dose of animal cuteness as a good stress reducer every day.
Here’s another suggestion: do a random act of kindness right now. That will double the happiness quotient. If you are on the East Coast, you have 8 or more hours of potential happiness. Be a good world citizen – get started!

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