Consider Renters Insurance as a Gift for Graduates

This is a guest post by Penny Hanley & Howley Co., a Renaissance Alliance member agency. It is a post that was previously featured on the Agency’s Blog.
Will your graduating students be coming back to the nest, or considering renting their own place?
This is a wonderful time in your student’s life. Graduation from college brings on so many new adventures to look forward to. One of which can include whether they will be renting their own apartment after graduation. With some many decisions to process after graduation, make the easiest one there is for your student who will be moving to their first apartment-Renters Insurance.
Purchasing Renters Insurance for your student is a gift of security for them and yourself. You’ll be putting your mind at ease knowing that your students first apartment is protected in case of fire or theft.
An average Renters policy runs around $200 a year for the basic $20,000 in coverage, that’s only $16 a month for your piece of mind and security of your student’s new apartment.
So when considering what gift to give your student for graduation this year, give them a protection policy with Renters Insurance.

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