From One Second to the Next: Powerful

Celebrated director Werner Herzog’s powerful 35-minute documentary film takes a tough look at the aftermath of a split second error – texting while driving. It was released in early August and already has nearly 2 million views. It tells the stories of people who suffered the effects of texting-while-driving accidents — told by victims, first responders, and by the people who caused the accidents by texting.

It takes only a second to cause a tragedy. Take the pledge: It Can Wait

The movie was made in partnership by wireless carriers AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. A shorter version will be shown in 40,000 high schools at the start of the coming school year. Read more about the film here:
Director Werner Herzog’s “From One Second to the Next” has racked up nearly 1.75 million views on YouTube since it debuted Aug. 8.