Guide to Goverment Shutdown in US & New England

closed-signNone of us can guess how long the federal government shutdown will last, but so far any type of resolution does not look imminent. We thought we’d offer resources to help you learn which federal services are affected, and what the impact is on the New England states.

Washington Post – What’s open, what’s closed

CNN – What’s open, what’s closed

Time: Everything You Need To Know About A Government Shutdown

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Top 50 Cities with Federal Workers and State by State Numbers

New England
While most people are aware that federal services may be affected, as leaf peepers head out for fall foliage drives and day trips this weekend, be aware that some popular destinations may be closed. A few of these include Acadia National Park in Maine , the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, the Cape Cod National Seashore, the  USS Constitution and the JFK Library. Hunters and fishers in Vermont are finding federal lands are closed, too.  But if you are wondering about some big upcoming football games, the Air Force-Navy and Army-Boston College football games will be played Saturday after receiving official approval from the secretary of defense, according to ESPN.

Here are some  initial shutdown affects reported in the states. Most states say that the impact will snowball over time – initially affecting federal workers but later potentially impacting businesses with federal contracts.

MassachusettsThousands Of Federal Workers In Mass. Face Furloughs

New HampshireHow the Federal Government shutdown affects services in New Hampshire

ConnecticutFederal Workers Furloughed As Shutdown Begins

Rhode IslandShutdown could deliver long-term hits to R.I.

VermontGovernment shutdown hits Vermont residents, programs

MaineEffects of shutdown will vary in Maine 

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