Crowboarding: This snow is for the birds!

This crow knows how to deal with the snow – it’s having a blast “crow”boarding down a roof. Crows and ravens really enjoy the snow – they like to take “snow baths.”

While we humans can also enjoy the snow, first and foremost, we have to take care of business. Here are some resources to help you cope.

Sharing the road with snowplows – common sense tips for driving safely near plows and heavy equipment.
Brrr… are you prepared for the cold if your car gets stranded? – if you do have to drive in storms, here is some advice on what to keep in your car emergency kit
Snow shoveling and snow removal safety – basic tips to help you avoid problems from shoveling.
Are you ready for snowy, icy roads? Hone your winter driving skills – a fun way to brush up on your seasonal skills and maybe even learn something new
Dealing with ice dams and other winter weather hazards – advice should you have ice dams or snow overload problems post storm.