Penguins, the Poop Cruise & Other Travel Stories That Should Remind You of Trip Insurance

andrew-peacock-reutersphoto: Andrew Peacock of the Australian Antarctic Expedition, Reuters

We were captivated by the Arctic rescue of scientists and tourists from the icebound Akademik Shokalskiy. See some fascinating photo galleries by Andrew Peacock of the Australian Antarctic Expedition, Reuters here and here.

It reminded us how often unplanned circumstances can make for “memorable” travel adventures. We came across one story about just such unplanned events that we found both amusing and appalling: Poop cruise! And 30 other outrageous travel stories of 2013. The title refers to last year’s nightmare cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. The poor passengers first had to suffer an onboard fire, a terrifying experience that resulted in the loss of all power.  It took the crippled boat 5 days to drift into port: 5 long days with thousands of people stuck on a ship with no electricity or working toilets. The horror!

If you are planning any vacations for a mid-winter break, we hope these stories won’t put you off. Unplanned “adventures” can happen at home or abroad – that’s what insurance is for. Consider protecting any costly travel plans with some trip insurance. It may not protect you from unexpected encounters with penguins, poop, or other problems, but could help to minimize any associated risks should havoc ensue. The Insurance Information Institute offers a good rundown on the major types of travel insurance: including Trip Cancellation, Lost Baggage, Medical, Dental, Emergency Evacuation, 24 Hour Traveler Assistance, Baggage Delay, Travel Delay, and Accidental Death Coverages. Some policies also have options for Collision/Damage coverage for rented cars.

And don’t forget – when going on vacation, there are some steps you should take before leaving: Going on vacation? 5 steps to secure your home while you are away!