Weather oddities of the Polar Vortex & how to stay safe

How cold is it? Mashable says that “nature is always outdoing itself in ways we never imagined” and they prove it with a gallery of fascinating and strange occurrences related to the extreme cold. Check out It’s So Cold Outside That…


Workers’ Comp Insider has posted interesting advice for surviving the polar vortex & staying off the “stupid human tricks” list. Learn from the mistakes of others – and do check out their handy list of tools for staying safe in in the frigid temps. Extreme weather is nothing to fool around with – it can throw the unwary into life-threatening situations in a matter of minutes: ‘Polar vortex’ blamed for at least 21 deaths.  Plus, when the temperatures drop, there is always a spate of house fires related to the use of space heaters — some with tragic results.  The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services has a great tip sheet on Space Heater Fire Safety.

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