Learn the “best times to buy” to unlock the best deals

best times to buyYou probably know that the late summer/early fall is a good time to buy a car. The new models are out and dealers are often willing to deeply discount any remainders from last year’s stock. You may also know that January is traditionally a time for “white sales,” with good deals on sheets and linens. But do you know the best time to buy cameras, cruises or jewelry? Every industry has it’s annual cycles and a time when new products are introduced — but other than a few well-promoted items like cars and linens, most people don’t know the inside timing info to get the best deals.

Lifehacker has a handy feature covering the best times to buy anything in 2014, broken down by month and by quarter. They offer a handy chart, along with a more in depth explanation and links to other resources that offer more details on the item. It’s pretty handy. They also have a great infographic on the best times to shop online.

Don’t forget about insurance for new purchases
If you are making a purchase of an expensive item, you may want to talk to your agent about any insurance considerations. Cars or vehicles require an update to your coverage. Expensive jewelry or collectibles may require a special rider on your homeowners policy. You can always call your agent to ask – better to be safe than sorry. And for normal household goods, remember to update your home inventory. Here are some prior blog posts with more  information on these topics.

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