The benefits of working with your local independent insurance agent

Whether you’re seeking commercial or personal insurance, an agent can bring a lot of value to the table. There are plenty of online price comparison tools, but getting the right coverage to protect your business, your personal assets and your family involves more consideration than just price. Explore some of the other advantages to working with an independent agent in the links below. And we invite you to check our expert list of independent Renaissance Alliance members in the sidebar or find a New England insurance agent near you.

4 Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agent
FinancialWeb summarizes a few key benefits of working with professional independent insurance agents.

Why Use an Independent Insurance Agency?
Our own Renaissance Alliance member Joe Harrington of Markham Priest Insurance talks about 3 ways to buy insurance and lists some of the benefits of an independent agent.

Insurance: An easier way to comparison shop
At the personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly, April Dykman talks about the experiences that led her to use an independent agent instead of flying solo.

Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent
Safeco, one of our partner insurers, talks about what to look for in a good insurance agent.

Benefit from the personal attention of a Travelers independent agent
Another of our partner insurers offers a testimony to the benefits of buying insurance through an independent agent.