Feel-good Friday post: Owl family waking up to a GoPro

How did your day start today? You probably wouldn’t be thrilled to wake up and find a camera filming you but that’s exactly what happened to an owl family recently — they woke up one morning to find a GoPro camera trained on their burrow. The curious birds spent some time investigating this intruder, which gave us the opportunity for a great up-close-and-personal look at some baby owls. (The baby owls make their appearance about a minute or so in.) Too cute!

And if you enjoyed that, you may also enjoy seeing Kuu the Screech Owl having a bath and being dried.

Now after all that cuteness, if you think having an owl as a pet might be fun, think again: Here are the top 10 reasons you don’t want an owl for a pet. Owls are sharp-eyed predators that hunt small game – occasionally even swooping down on a small household pet. So if you want to learn more about owls, the Audubon Society is a good place to start.