The little-known fire hazard of 9-volt batteries

9-voltThere’s a hidden safety hazard in 9-volt batteries that most people probably don’t know about. Don’t learn the hard way – watch Dave’s real life drama of a destroyed home. He, his family and his pets all got out safely, but you can see the total damage to his home. Now Dave has a mission of telling his story so that other people don’t make the mistake that he made. Here’s a 9-volt battery safety tip sheet from the NFPA.

In the second and third videos, Dave shares his scary experience during the fire and breaks down the many mistakes he made that could have cost him his life  — he’s hoping that his mistakes will be a life-saving lesson for others. If you take a few minutes to watch the videos, you will probably learn some safety tips that you might never have considered – we did! Plus, Dave also encourages everyone to keep a home inventory, an idea we endorse! .