Warm thoughts for a chilly Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day looming, we’re definitely in need of some hugs here in New England — for the warmth if nothing else! It’s been a tough few weeks and if the weather reports are true, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Hard to remember, but New England is famous for more than just snow. One of our famous creations is distributed in the millions at this time of the year: the ever popular candy conversation hearts were invented in Massachusetts at the Necco factory, where they are still being produced today. But there’s one modern twist: they’ve added a few new conversation phrases for 2015:

The five other new conversation hearts for 2015 are: “BFF,” “TE AMO,” which is “I love you” in Spanish, “JE T’AIME,” which is “I love you” in French, a picture of a smiley face, and a picture of a handlebar mustache.

Learn more about the The History of the Conversation Heart. And you can even make your own personal jpg version to use on your blog or website at ACME Heart Maker. Here’s ours:


Here are a few cute Valentine clips to get you in a heartfelt spirit. Thanks to one of our favorite sites, Neatorma, for the links