Looking for a career in insurance?

insurance-hip-hopLiberty Mutual, one of our partner insurers, produced this fun rap video talking about getting a job. It’s not necessarily insurance specific, it has good advice for any job seekers looking for a job in a professional environment.

If you’re curious about what types of jobs are available in insurance, there’s an informative new site: MyPath: Insurance. It’s an industry collaborative dedicated to educating students and young professionals about the insurance industry and its various career opportunities.

And be sure to check out our employment openings at Renaissance Alliance. If you don’t see a particular job you want, just send us a resume – we have 90+ member agencies throughout New England so there may be openings at one of them.

See more about insurance jobs at this story in Bloomberg News. Hat tip to Jayleen Heft at PropertyCasualty360 for the pointer to the video!

The Dirty Dozen Tax Scams, 2015 Style

tax-fraudWith just over 3 weeks left to go before tax day, the nation’s tax scammmers are doing double duty trying to intercept your tax return or, failing that, make off with your private information that they can put to nefarious purposes.

The IRS has updated their Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2015 — everything from e-mail phishing and phone threats to tax preparer fraud and fake charities. Run through this list and familiarize yourself with the most common schemes to part you from your money. Spread the word too – tweet it, post it on Facebook. Phone fraud is particularly rampant this year and extremely aggressive. We’ve experienced robocalls at all hours of the day and night, with very threatening messages about arrest and lawsuits. Remember, the IRS will never call you out of the blue and threaten you!
Unfortunately, senior citizens are big targets for fraud and the IRS has issued a recent warning about scams targeted specifically to the elderly.

“Some seniors are paying swindlers money to file returns for them in the hopes of claiming benefits that they don’t actually qualify for. The con men then make off with a senior’s money and any important personal information the elderly person has provided them with.”

If you have elderly relatives, you may want to review some of these scams with them.

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Add the Poison Help line to your phone – it could save a life!

poison-lineMarch 15-21, 2015 is Poison Prevention week – if you do one thing, program the Poison Help telephone number in your phone: 1-800-222-1222. You never know when it could come in handy for you or someone else. Calls are free and confidential and can be translated into 161 languages. Most calls can be handled over the phone and don’t require a hospital visit. Plus, you can call for information about chemicals and their safety, too – a call doesn’t have to be for an emergency.

In 2013, America’s 55 poison centers received over 3.1 million calls. Of those, about 2.2 million were calls about poison exposures ranging from carbon monoxide to snake bites to food poisoning. The rest were calls for information. Although children younger than 6 accounted for about half of all the poison exposure calls to poison center in 2013, adults accounted for 92 percent of all poison-related deaths reported to poison centers.

Here are some handy tools for poison prevention and emergency response:

The AAPCC offers this chart to help poison-proof your home.



A few ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


St Patrick’s Day is a big event in our neck of the woods – although this year’s parade will have a bit of an abbreviated route due to all the snow. Here’s a Guide to Where to Celebrate Boston’s Irish Heritage in and around the city – parades, pubs, concerts & more. Here are other St. Patrick’s Day parades in New England, many on Sunday. Or you could just stay home and cook up a traditional New England Boiled Dinner of corned beef & cabbage. Just remember one important thing: It’s Paddy mot Patty!

And remember, if tipping a few pints are in your plans, be sure to have a designated driver!

Here are some great clips from Discover Ireland to get you in the spirit.

With any luck at all, you’ll stumble on one of Tourism Ireland’s flash mob dances – here’s a spectacular one they staged in Central Station, Sidney a few years ago.

Celebrate Pi Day with some irrational insurance numbers – and some pizza!

Are you ready for it? Tomorrow is Pi Day, what some call the “Math Geek Mardi Gras.” It may not be an event you were planning to celebrate, but this might entice you: Top 5 National Pi Day pizza deals.

The Insurance Information Institute sent along a great infographic illustrating “10 Irrational Numbers” noting that the insurance world is a treasure trove of facts and figures showcasing irrational decision-making.

10 Irrational Numbers about insurance