Add the Poison Help line to your phone – it could save a life!

poison-lineMarch 15-21, 2015 is Poison Prevention week – if you do one thing, program the Poison Help telephone number in your phone: 1-800-222-1222. You never know when it could come in handy for you or someone else. Calls are free and confidential and can be translated into 161 languages. Most calls can be handled over the phone and don’t require a hospital visit. Plus, you can call for information about chemicals and their safety, too – a call doesn’t have to be for an emergency.

In 2013, America’s 55 poison centers received over 3.1 million calls. Of those, about 2.2 million were calls about poison exposures ranging from carbon monoxide to snake bites to food poisoning. The rest were calls for information. Although children younger than 6 accounted for about half of all the poison exposure calls to poison center in 2013, adults accounted for 92 percent of all poison-related deaths reported to poison centers.

Here are some handy tools for poison prevention and emergency response:

The AAPCC offers this chart to help poison-proof your home.