Anchor-it! Preventing toddler tip-over deaths

Most parents would do anything in the world to protect their young children – nothing is more important or higher on the agenda. But there can be a less-than-obvious household danger lurking in a seemingly safe room. That’s the tragic lesson Jackie Collas learned when she found her darling 2-year old son Curren’s lifeless body under a tipped-over bureau. Last week, the Washington Post covered her story: Ikea, a tipped-over dresser and a toddler’s tragic death

“What happened to Curren is known as a “tip over” — the term for when an everyday appliance or piece of furniture is knocked over and suddenly transformed into a deadly threat. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPDC), a child dies roughly every two weeks due to tip-over incidents. The vast majority of victims are under the age of five.”

We previously posted about protecting kids from TV tip-overs, but the incident in this news story involves furniture. The terrifying video simulation below shows the danger and the solution. Anti-tip anchoring devices are readily available and easy to install, as demonstrated in the video. Here’s an anchoring how-to tip-sheet (PDF) from CSPC. Learn more at