College survival guide: Safety tips, what to pack, dorm hacks

Students walking on campus On University Campus

Recently, we posted about college students and insurance. Today, we have some additional college prep resources — sort of an all-purpose college survival guide. First and foremost we have links to several safety & security checklists because all the insurance in the world won’t help if you don’t make safety a priority. We also have links to what to pack guides, tips for first year students and advice for how to eat healthy while in college.

Campus Security Checklist

Security Safety Checklist

Campus and dorm fires

Campus and dorm fire safety tips

What to Bring for Campus Living and How to Pack in 3 Easy Steps

List of Items Not to Bring to College: Dorm Room Contraband

Off-to-College Checklist

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27 Ways To Eat Like An Adult In College

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