Don’t wait: communicate – National Preparedness Month

preparathonSeptember is National Preparedness Month and this year, the theme focuses on ensuring that you have an emergency plan in place – waiting until a disaster happens is too late. Could your household pass the 10 Minute Challenge? And in a disaster, you might not even have 10 minutes to plan!

Here are just a few of the things you should do in advance:

  • Find out about community resources and emergency services and keep on your smart phone
  • Have a plan with your family for what to do and where to meet if disaster strikes
  • Build an emergency kit and a car kit
  • Store copies of all emergency documents in a safe alternate location in case you can’t access them in your home or office
  • Have contingency plans for your pets.

September 30 is National Prepareathon Day – this site offers info on how to prepare for an earthquake, flood, tornado, winter storm, wildfire or hurricane. Find tips for creating an emergency plan and a family communication plan and get access to tools and resources to help in the planning.

Here are a few useful resources we’ve posted in the past:

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