Thinking about home renovation? Three words: Planning, planning, planning

Home renovation can increase the value of your home, protect your investment, and make your home a more enjoyable place to live. But if you’re thinking about renovating, it’s really important not to shortchange the planning process.

Consumer Reports has some good start-to-finish advice for you in a recent issue. In addition to the short video clip in this post, they offer advice in the article, Home Renovation Without Aggravation. They outline steps you should take in the planning phase through the work phase, with tips to to help combat shady contractor practices and avoid common and costly mistakes many homeowners make.

The feature also includes these useful articles:

One important consideration in any home renovation is maximizing your investment, particularly for resale value. Not all renovations are created equal, some yield a better return than others. We like the infographic and accompanying article from Six Renovations that Actually Increase the Value of Your Home.

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