Burglars talk about how they broke into homes

Burglar Breaking Into House By Forcing Door With CrowbarHow do burglars choose a home to break in to? Once they pick a target, how do they actually break in? And once in a home, what are they looking for? If you want to know that, go to the experts. KGW TV station in Portland, Oregon did just that. They turned to 86 inmates in the Oregon Department of Corrections, poling them in a 17-question survey questions ranging from whether security signs or alarms stopped them and what homeowners can do to avoid being burglarized. They compiled the results in an article – plus, you can read all the inmates’ answers: We asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes

They also interviewed Jerome Gilgan, who had spent seven years in prison for crimes including drugs, auto theft and burglary. Gilgan now helps rehabilitate others as a counselor with Volunteers of America. He offered great – and rather scary – insight into ow burglars think. We’re embedding the video interviews below.

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