Go meet your local food growers for Farmers’ Market Week!

Be sure to stock up on fresh, delicious locally grown food for National Farmers Market Week (August 6-12) sponsored by The Farmers Market Coalition. Buying locally pays dividends back to your community in so many ways. It supports local small farm businesses. American farmers and ranchers receive only 15.6 cents of every food dollar consumers spend on food in the normal food distribution system, but Farmers markets offer an alternative that allows growers to retain more of the food dollar. Plus, growers selling locally create 13 farm jobs per $1 million in revenue, versus 3 jobs when not selling locally. It also helps to keep a greener planet. Getting your food locally rather than having it shipped from the other side of the country – or from other countries – saves on transportation and infrastructure costs and reduces the associated ecological toll.

Plus, at a Farmers Market you can ask questions and interact with the growers. It’s a win-win. See more benefits in the infographic below.

Here are some resources for finding a New England Farmer’s Market near you!

Infographic with reasons to suport local Farmers Markets

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