Roundup of funny insurance ads

We’ve been falling down on the job lately – it’s been quite some time since we posted any funny insurance ads. We particularly enjoy seeing how other countries promote insurance in their TV spots. Here are a few that we’ve found recently and we’ve added a few from our archives at the end of the post.

Don’t worry that there is no translation – you’ll get the point.

A unique selling proposition.

Australia’s Budget Direct uses a character called Captain Risky in their ads. They say “Captain Risky dives, jumps, soars and ski jumps his way into extreme danger. Budget Direct – we don’t insure Captain Risky to keep prices low.”

Liberty Mutual’s ad from a few year’s back focuses on imperfect humans.

OK, this last one isn’t an ad, but it should be. It’s a news clip, but it drives home the reason why insurance is important.

If you can’t get enough, here are more amusing insurance ads from our archives.