The $10 million dollar smile: celebrity body part insurance

Your Mom may think of you as a million dollar baby and your friends and family may find you priceless … but what price would an insurer put on your body parts? Could you command $10 million for a smile? $1.6 million for a finger? $1 million for your flowing tresses? Probably not, but some celebrities have insured body parts for millions.
We also point you to a related past post about an amusing spoof video featuring Kobe Bryant touting ankle insurance.
You can learn more about how body part insurance works. This article explains that, “You don’t have to be a celebrity to insure your body parts–anyone can order up some specialty insurance if he thinks he needs it. As long as you’re willing to pay the premium, you can get insurance for the body part of your choice. In the United Kingdom, the members of the Derbyshire Whiskers Club insured their beards against “fire and theft,” and a soccer fan insured himself against psychic trauma if England loses this year’s World’s Cup.”
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If you are a basketball player, Kobe Bryant advises ankle insurance!

This is a jokey video to promote a brand of sneakers, but the idea of insuring specific body parts is not totally farfetched … celebrities have been known to insure body parts … Jimmy Durante had a $50,000 policy on his distinctive nose and Betty Grable had a million dollar policy on her famous legs. Larry Getlen has an amusing article on the topic at Bankrate: Celebrity body parts: Million-dollar thighs and smiles