Real Life Angry Birds

When you head off to start your work day, bird attacks aren’t usually high on your “risk management” list. But the following clips of workers going about their business and fending off angry birds might make you think twice. The enraged birds aren’t discriminatory – office workers, mailmen, cops – all equally at risk. We’re not sure if this is seasonal revenge by the turkey and goose population who are tired of having their kin folk end up on holiday platters or what, but be warned!

Friday funnies: humorous insurance commercials

It’s Friday, it’s the summertime, and we’ve been falling down on the job of our secret mission to bring you some of the most humorous insurance ads on the web. We’ll take care of that right away!
The first is a humorous ad from Travelers, a spoof public service ad that makes the point that it is silly – almost superstitious – to rely on luck for protection. It was a short-lived ad because although most people found it clever, cute or outright hilarious, some animal rights activists were concerned about the message. Note: no animals whatsoever were harmed in this commercial.

The following ad is from a company called “1st for Women” which describes itself as the first insurance brokerage to offer insurance products specifically tailored to meet the short-term insurance needs of South African women. The ad offers a tongue in cheek explanation of why the company decided to focus its services exclusively on women.

Funny Russian insurance ad makes a serious point

Don’t worry – you don’t need to understand Russian to get the point of this clever Russian auto insurance ad. It uses fun special effects to make the point that some insurers will go to great lengths to avoid you when you have an auto insurance claim. If you are having trouble finding an insurer that will be there when you need them, that’s where your local independent agent can help!