Feel-good Friday post: Owl family waking up to a GoPro

How did your day start today? You probably wouldn’t be thrilled to wake up and find a camera filming you but that’s exactly what happened to an owl family recently — they woke up one morning to find a GoPro camera trained on their burrow. The curious birds spent some time investigating this intruder, which gave us the opportunity for a great up-close-and-personal look at some baby owls. (The baby owls make their appearance about a minute or so in.) Too cute!

And if you enjoyed that, you may also enjoy seeing Kuu the Screech Owl having a bath and being dried.

Now after all that cuteness, if you think having an owl as a pet might be fun, think again: Here are the top 10 reasons you don’t want an owl for a pet. Owls are sharp-eyed predators that hunt small game – occasionally even swooping down on a small household pet. So if you want to learn more about owls, the Audubon Society is a good place to start.

Celebrate World Lion Day (but don’t try this at home)


Sunday is World Lion Day, a global campaign to celebrate the importance of the lion and to help prevent these majestic creatures from going extinct. If you’d like to learn more about how to support lions, click for a list of organizations active in lion conservation and research.

And we have a few amazing videos to get you in the spirit.

This clip is a fun & fascinating clip of lions interacting with a robotic camera buggy -like any cat, they were most curious and photographer Chris McLennon got some truly remarkable shots – up close and personal. If you can’t access the video, see some photos and animated gifs here.

The next is an 11 minute clip on Kevin Richardson, called the Lion Whisperer due to his unique bond with these terrifying but majestic predators. Incredible!

If these videos remind you of their domestic counterpart, the housecat, you may be inspired to adopt a slightly tamer cat from your nearby shelter!