Game time countdown! Pre-Super Bowl fun

For the last three years, Teddy the Porcupine has correctly predicted the Super Bowl winners. Will he keep his winning streak going with his 2015 pre=game prediction?

We can’t get enough bad lip-reading clips – here’s the 2015 edition.

The older cat teaches baby kitten what to expect on Super Bowl day – it’s a commercial, but a darn cute one.

If football isn’t your thing, don’t forget about Puppy Bowl XI – here’s a preview and a little pregame analysis.

Speaking of commercials, here are some picks for the 10 best Super Bowl ads of all time as well as 5 of the biggest blunders over the years. If you don’t want to wait to see what will be unveiled this year, you can check out the 2015 Super Bowl ads in advance right from your computer.

As for snacks, we’ll have trouble finding a better suggestion than our prior advice on Building a Super Bowl Snack Stadium. Here are 8 more Super bowl snackadiums if you’d lie some variations.

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party, you want to ensure that things stay fun — take a few minutes to review this handy guide on Social Host Liability.

Kudos to RI kids and their awesome coach for a great life lesson

The nation has been riveted by the spectacle of Little League pitching phenomena Mo’ne Davis this past week – quite the sporting story indeed. But while all eyes have been on Ms. Davis, here in New England, we’ve had our own reason to be proud.

A big hurrah to the kids from Rhode Island’s Cumberland American Little League who represented New England so well in the recent Little League World Series. Kudos also to their stellar coach, David Belisle, who offered the kids a moving lesson in sportsmanship and how to handle loss. The team will be welcomed home today – expected arrival at Diamond Hill Park in Cumberland at 5 p.m.

The speech is a little more inspirational than this classic one!

The geography of baseball: borderline rivalries

Here in New England, we live on a fault line that could result in earthquakes, yes — but there’s an everyday fault line that wreaks a certain amount of havoc every baseball season: We’re talking Red Sox vs Yankees, folks, it’s the stuff of legends. Now you can map that baseball rivalry out with a fantastic feature from the New York Times, Up Close on Baseball’s Borders. There’s a U.S. map, as well as 14 sectional maps detailing baseball’s biggest rivalries. They’ve aggregated Facebook data down not only to the county level, but also to ZIP codes to show how the fans and the borders breakdown. Always wondered whether Hartford and New Haven are Yankees or Sox fans?

Steve Rushin of Sports Illustrated has called the line running through Connecticut that separates Yankee fans and Red Sox fans the Munson-Nixon line. Mr. Rushin came up with the name — in honor of the late Yankee catcher Thurman Munson and the retired Red Sox right fielder Trot Nixon — in 2003, and he had to guess where the line ran: “north of New Haven but south of Hartford, running the breadth of central Connecticut.”

We don’t have to guess anymore.

And what’s all this got to do with insurance?

Well, here at Renaissance Alliance, we have independent agency members dispersed throughout New England. Most insurance shoppers pick a local agency to work with based on factors like convenience, service and reputation … but now with this interactive map, you have a new tool to target your agency selection — by geographic baseball team loyalty!

Your Handy Guide to Olympic Fever

Olympic medals

The Sochi Olympics got off to a bit of a rocky start — and before any medals had been awarded, reports noted that insurance giants were all ready winning big at the Winter Games.This behind the scenes look at insuring the 2012 Olympics from Insurance Journal is pretty interesting.

But despite the initial bumps, who doesn’t love following the fabulous athletes? If you’ve got the Olympic bug, here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways to follow along on your various media and favorite tech devices.

Best Ways to Follow the Olympics – Get behind-the-scenes and inside perspectives with ideas for Twitter feeds, Instagram, apps and live streaming feeds

A Handy Olympic Medal Tracker and a very cool interactive Map of Winter Olympic Medals from 1924 through 2010

Schedule of Events and more – Right from the source

Team USA

Follow the Olympics with these 5 apps

The Best Way to Follow the Olympics on Facebook

Photos of the opening ceremony – From’s Big Picture

And here are a few fun features:

9 Crazy Moments from Winter Olympics History

2014 Olympic Uniforms from Around the World

Sochi Olympics Trivia You Can Show Off