A few ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


St Patrick’s Day is a big event in our neck of the woods – although this year’s parade will have a bit of an abbreviated route due to all the snow. Here’s a Guide to Where to Celebrate Boston’s Irish Heritage in and around the city – parades, pubs, concerts & more. Here are other St. Patrick’s Day parades in New England, many on Sunday. Or you could just stay home and cook up a traditional New England Boiled Dinner of corned beef & cabbage. Just remember one important thing: It’s Paddy mot Patty!

And remember, if tipping a few pints are in your plans, be sure to have a designated driver!

Here are some great clips from Discover Ireland to get you in the spirit.

With any luck at all, you’ll stumble on one of Tourism Ireland’s flash mob dances – here’s a spectacular one they staged in Central Station, Sidney a few years ago.

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in New England (Safely)


On Monday, everyone will be a little bit Irish. Gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on the weekend and on Monday, we’ve gathered some links about New England activities and ways to celebrate around the area – or even in your own home. Remember – even for the Irish, there’s a limit to luck so don’t take chances with your celebrations :

  • Plan for a designated driver
  • Don’t let friends drive buzzed
  • If you host a party at home, be aware of your hosting liability

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